DJing With Ableton Live

DJing is a growing profession. Ableton Live takes your live performances beyond anything achievable with turntables or CD players, making your sets powerful and unique. In this course, author J. Scott Giaquinta demonstrates the techniques DJs around the world use with Ableton Live. He starts with setting up your software and hardware controllers, and importing, warping, and keying tracks in Ableton. Next he discusses cueing and playing tracks, and using fades and the crossfader to mix tracks. Then learn when you should use a DJ mixer as opposed to Ableton’s internal mixer, and how to incorporate a microphone into the setup.

Scott next introduces some performance tricks to wow your audience, by integrating loops, samples, and FX. He also provides a demo of alternative controllers that can make your performances more dynamic, including a Wiimote, joystick, MIDI keyboard, and live vocoder. Finally, he discusses methods to record your live DJ set and fine-tune it after the fact.

Topics include:

  • Setting hardware, software, and templates
  • Configuring your MIDI controller
  • Importing tracks
  • Keying and warping tracks
  • Cueing music
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Transposing tracks
  • Changing tempo
  • Looping
  • Working with alternative controllers
  • Recording your set

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