Linked-in Learning Releases “Audio Foundations: Sampling” Course by J. Scott G.

Back in the old days, sampling snippets of music or sounds was an involved, complicated, equipment-heavy analog endeavor. Today, there is an ever-growing number of software sampling options and affordable hardware solutions. In fact, there are so many options it may be difficult to know where to start.

In this course, music producer, sound designer, and composer J. Scott Giaquinta (aka J. Scott G.) helps you get up and running in the world of audio sampling. He starts with an introduction to sampling, detailing the history, equipment, techniques, and notable artists who have employed sampling. He then dives into sampling in Ableton Live 10, showing how to load and edit samples, loop, and set up key groups.

J. Scott G. also shows how to use drum loops to rearrange beats or beef up percussion on a track. In the last chapter, he gets into field recordings, taking sounds you hear around you and creating beats and other sounds.


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