Ilio Releases “Electric Dreams – Ethereal Realms & Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2

ILIO and Libra Rising Music present a phantasmagoric new collection of patches for producers, sound designers and composers for Omnisphere 2 called “Electric Dreams.” Inspired by the stuff dreams are made of, this library is certain to inspire you with transcendent new sounds that are simply out of this world.


Electric Dreams is a professional producer’s toolkit of powerful and enchanting new sounds that will help you construct your next soundtrack or add otherworldly luster to any type of electronic music. In it, you’ll find complex and evolving musical textures and sound beds, heavenly pads, spaced-out sound effects, ethereal and epic choirs, massive stabs and hits, delicate keyboard and plucked sounds, plus so much more. Whether being faithful to a genre or stretching its limits, Electric Dreams will spark new life into your music.

At the heart of Electric Dreams is over 300 MB of newly recorded material.

“Electric Dreams is one of those libraries I’ve wanted to make for a while. I’m typically known for the harder stuff but have delicate sensibilities too when it comes to the music I make and listen to. This library is chock full of the sounds I imagine heaven sounds like.”

Electric Dreams loads quickly and easily into Omnisphere 2.6 or higher. Each sound is optimized for use with your modulation wheel for real time control on stage or in the studio.

Electric Dreams contains 101 meticulously crafted patches including:

  • 2 BPM FX
  • 7 HITS
  • 13 KEYS
  • 13 PADS
  • 14 PLUCKS
  • 3 SYNTHS
  • 12 VOX

Electric Dreams is an Omnisphere 2 patch library like no other. Download this inspiring new set of sounds now from your favorite music retailer or online from ILIO.

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