Dear Portland Music Scene…

Dear Portland Music Scene,

I’d like to take a second to introduce ourselves as sort of the “new” kids on the block, and also to extend our hand in friendship and camaraderie.

My name is Jesse Scott and I’ve been an electronic music producer for over two decades. Some of you old schoolers may remember me from band that used to tour through here over a decade ago called “Deepsky.” I won’t get into the details of my career here, but if you’d like to read more about me, here’s the link.

I know a lot of you keep seeing Libra Rising Music pop up as the promoters for events (Decks On The Beach, The Electric Circus, Cabin Fever, etc.) and other endeavors, and are probably wondering who the hell we are, as we seem to be encroaching on your territory. I’ve personally gotten a few “interesting” emails over the last few months, and so I thought I’d write this letter to put some of your minds at ease, and to extend an olive branch to those of you who seem angry or, perhaps, confused at us being here.

Firstly, we have a deep love for Portland. It’s truly a wonderful city, and we are not only excited to be here, but we are grateful for all the wonderful things the city has to offer, as well as the wonderful people we’ve met here so far.

My wife and I moved to Portland (unintentionally) about 4 years ago, after we ended up stranded here (we had spent the year before our arrival here on the road working on a massive global music project called Qisvara.) Although at the time, our situation seemed dismal, we ended up making a home here, and rebuilding our lives after previously giving almost everything up that we owned to try and pursue this music project, that we believed could help make the world a better place.

It seems so crazy to me now but, I have lived in *so many* cities over the last decade. LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Austin, (and several cities in Europe), and so I am no stranger to the gypsy life, as music has taken me all of the planet. As grateful as I am to have had so many wonderful experiences in so many wonderful places, I am also glad to finally be settling in one place now, and I definitely feel like Portland is a place that I can call home.

About a year ago, I decided to relaunch my label (Libra Rising Music), which was a crucial and necessary piece of of the puzzle for all the projects I had been working on for years. Part of the vision I had for LRM was to start throwing events again, as I have always had a deep love for bringing people together, and creating a sense of union, where everyone felt welcome, energized and inspired.

I’ve done my due diligence over the last year to see who else was out there throwing events in this city, and it’s undoubtedly a thriving cornucopia of talented and inspirational individuals. I can tell that there is a deep sense of love, pride and dedication that some of you have for music, and for the people you do this for, and for that I salute you. I too feel this deep sense of love, pride and dedication, not only for doing events, but also for all the other things we do here at LRM like original music, sound libraries, education, etc. I believe that no matter what you do, you should always do your best work.

I hope that in the coming years, we can find ways to work together, as my only intention with music these days is to use it as a tool to bring people closer to one another. I have always believed that music can save the world, and have personally seen music weave its magic in not only my own life, but through the lives of countless others.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any point if you require assistance with anything, as I am making myself available to my community, whenever I have the extra time.

Thank you for reading this, and have a wonderful day!


Jesse Scott – Creative Director / Libra Rising Music

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