Up And Running With Native Instruments Komplete

Check out J. Scott G.’s “Up and Running” series on Native Instruments Komplete audio software on lynda.com.

Up and Running With Reaktor

REAKTOR is another of the powerful sound-making tools packaged with Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE. In this quick Up and Running course, author J. Scott Giaquinta demonstrates the power of REAKTOR, giving a brief overview of its uses as a synth, a drum machine, a sampler, a sound generator, and a multi-effects processor. Start watching to learn how to incorporate this essential virtual instrument into your sound arsenal.

Up and Running With Absynth

In this quick Up and Running course, author J. Scott Giaquinta covers another of Native Instruments KOMPLETE components, ABSYNTH. ABYSYNTH is a powerful synthesizer that allows for almost unlimited combinations of oscillators, modulations controls, and filters—leading to some truly unique sounds. Here J. Scott G. gives a brief overview of ABSYNTH’s features and main sound making components, including its modules, oscillators, filters, modulation controls, effects, and automation. Then he puts its features and sound-making abilities to work, so you can see how ABSYNTH fits into a real musician’s workflow.

Up and Running with FM8

In this quick Up and Running course, author J. Scott Giaquinta demonstrates the power of FM8, giving a brief overview of its features and main sound-making components, including the Browser, Master, Effects, Arpeggiator, and Easy/Morph windows. He also dives deep into the Expert window, LFOs and envelopes, and automation in FM8. By creating a range of sounds—clean and dirty, sweet and sour—he helps producers and engineers understand the extent of FM8’s many features and sound-making abilities.

Up and Running with Kontakt

This quick Up and Running course demonstrates the power of KONTAKT, arguably the world’s best software sampler. KONTAKT’s lush sample libraries, powerful routing, and intuitive UI make creating sophisticated sounds and performance setups a breeze. Here, J. Scott Giaquinta provides a brief overview of the features, signal routing, and effects, and shows how to chop up loops and utilize time stretching, pitch shifting, and scripting. Then he’ll demonstrate some creative ways to make sounds with KONTAKT’s FX modules and automation.

Up and Running with Guitar Rig

Join author J. Scott Giaquinta as he demonstrates the power of GUITAR RIG, a powerful effects processor from Native Instruments, and provides a brief overview of its main sound-making components, including effects, tools, and modifiers. He also digs into using containers and using macro knobs to control containers. Plus, learn how to to create unique sounds by using GUITAR RIG on drums, synths, vocals, and other audio sources.

Up and Running with Battery

In this quick Up and Running course, author and producer J. Scott G. demonstrates the power of BATTERY, Native Instruments’s drum sampler for drum sculpting, signal routing, and effects. He provides a brief overview of BATTERY’s built-in kits, and then shows how to create your own kits from scratch. Then he demonstrates how to edit cells, route audio in BATTERY or into another DAW, create automation, and utilize effects like reverb and delay.

Up and Running with Massive

In this quick Up and Running course, author/producer J. Scott Giaquinta demonstrates the power of MASSIVE, Native Instrument’s popular and flexible soft synth. He provides an overview of the main sound-making components, including MASSIVE’s filters, modulation controls, effects, macro knobs, envelopes and LFOs, and Performer and Stepper functions.

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