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Supercool Vocal Smashup Vol. 1

Supercool Vocal Smashup Vol. 1

Label: Libra Rising Music

Release date: April 2nd, 2013

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Supercool Vocal Smashup Vol. 1

Libra Rising provides you with the final flourish you’ll need for your next chart topping production in the debut installment of their vocal pack series, Supercool Vocal Smashup!

Served up as sonically scrumptious 24-bit AIFF loops, every chopped up, vocoded vocal is ready to drag and drop into the DAW of your choosing to add some extra swag to your next electro or progressive track.

Drag one of these bad mutha’s through some processing and time it to hit right before your drop (that’s likely as heavy a solid-lead elevator in free fall) and you’ll have all the ravers in your crowd asking “DAMN SON! WHERE’D YOU FIND THIS?!”

Included in this pack:

103 Vocoded Phrases
19 Real Vocal Phrases
9 Ambient Vocals
9 Countdowns

PLEASE NOTE: This pack only contains vocal samples.