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Summer Channel & Prophei – Hardwired 2

Summer Channel & Prophei – Hardwired 2

Label: Ilio

Release date: 2018


Hardwired 2
Summer Channel & Prophei

Coming in 2018!!!

ILIO introduces “Hardwired 2” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2™ ushering in the next evolution of modular synthesis and digital sound design.

Modular synthesis. A vast and complex frontier of new and unusual sonic possibilities (as well as an endless drain on your bank account — for those simply trying to keep up with regular advancements in technology). If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with the 21st century sound of modular synths but haven’t quite dipped your toes in yet, then we’ve got something that you’ll absolutely LOVE.

Jesse Scott of Summer Channel and Prophei proudly present “Hardwired 2” – the second installment of the wildly successful 2017 patch library for Omnisphere 2 “Hardwired.” In it, you’ll find over 100 never before heard patches made up of the best of both the analog and digital worlds. And where the first Hardwired focused predominantly on textural cinematic soundscapes, Hardwired 2 is devoted almost entirely to the electronic music genre, showcasing powerful analog leads, deep punchy bass sounds, one-shot hits & drums, as well as BPM-locked rhythmic synth riffs, percussive loops & arpeggiations.

Hardwired 2 is a modern day producer’s arsenal of dangerously sophisticated sounds that will help you construct your next face melting chart topper or Oscar-winning soundtrack. If you’ve ever wanted to have access to the kind of elite sonic weaponry that makes your peers (jealously) ask you, “How did you get those &*$%# sounds?”, then this library is DEFINITELY for you.

‘Hardwired 2’ is comprised of over 250 MB of brand new, never released source material derived from some of the most cutting edge modular synth technology available on the market (Macbeth, Serge, Fenix, and a variety of other modular gear) Every sample was meticulously recorded at 96/32 through a state-of-the-art, 100% analog signal path and processed for maximum sound quality.

As a bonus, we’ve included 4 never-before-heard Native Instruments Battery kits (all sourced from modular synths) and a folder of one shot sounds (wav format). That’s a total of over 600 sounds!!! (400mb in total for the entire library)

Hardwired 2 is an Omnisphere 2 patch library for modern electronic music producers & composers. If you’re sick of getting lost in the noise, and instead you’d like to BE THE NOISE, then download this cutting edge new set of sounds now from your favorite music retailer or online from ILIO.

About The Sound Designers: Jesse Scott of Summer Channel is an award winning producer, sound designer and composer who has released countless original albums and singles, and has written original music with Adam Lambert, Jes, Saffron of Republica and many others. He’s also remixed artists such as Madonna, Seal, David Bowie, Paul Oakenfold, Curve, Johnny Cash, and Frank Sinatra (just to name a few). He’s written music that has appeared in major motion pictures such as Bad Boys II, Tomb Raider, and The Art of War; television shows like CSI and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and numerous video games. He’s also an accomplished music teacher on

Prophei has been an audio fiend for much of his life. He started writing songs at 10, was regularly playing live by 18, and has been involved in multiple music projects ever since. He also worked within the M-Audio | Digidesign | Avid family of companies for almost a decade. He currently owns and operates psionic temple, a fully functional Pro Tools HDX studio out of San Francisco, CA, specializing in Vintage | Analog | Modular instruments.

Requires Omnisphere version 2.3 or higher. Please read the System Requirements tab for more information. Battery kits require Native Instruments Battery 4