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Mainroom Essentials Vol. 1

Mainroom Essentials Vol. 1

Label: Libra Rising Music

Release date: May 8th, 2013

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Mainroom Essentials Vol. 1
Mainroom Essentials Vol. 1
J. Scott G.

Cancel all flights in the area because the sky will be filled with hands!

With Libra Risings latest offering, MAINROOM ESSENTIALS Volume 1, you get the tools guaranteed to melt faces and drop basses.

This sample pack has everything you need to layer, tweak, twist and blast out the next peak-hour powerhouse banger – or add sizzle to that thumper you’ve been sitting on that needs just a little sonic seasoning!

With 10 dense construction kits, 10 heavy chord riffs, and 10 blistering single-note lead riffs (in both MIDI and high-quality uncompressed waveforms), you’ll have more electrically creative possibilities than David Guetta making out with Aviici at a square wave orgy.

Get ready. Get Ravey. Get MAINROOM ESSENTIALS Volume 1!