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John Beaver & Thomas Radman – BFD Mix 2016

John Beaver & Thomas Radman – BFD Mix 2016

Label: Tiefhaus Records

Release date: 5-30-16


BFD Mix 2016
John Beaver & Thomas Radman

John Beaver first played the Subsonic Tent at BFD in 2014 with rave reviews! He took the concept he envisioned with Thomas Radman for the Coachella mixes over a decade ago and created a soundtrack for people to remember this Best F***in Day for the rest of their lives!

With John Beaver & Thomas Radman simply on an unstoppable roll lately, Beaver invited Radman to join him on his second time around making this mix for Live 105 & BFD!

As always it features all artists that are playing at this legendary Bay Area Festival on June 4th, 2016. Each track re-created, flipped, edited, mashed, remixed and changed taking your favorite songs and playing them in a way you have never heard them before. This mix is about taking you on an 80 minute sonic journey by telling you a story from start to finish.
If you like what you hear, John Beaver will also be performing again in the Subsonic Tent so make sure not to miss it! He will be recording a brand new music video for his new track NEW AGE he did with the red hot producers from Los Angeles called BEAUZ