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Summer Channel is more than a band. It’s more than a well-spidered collection of genius level musicians with a mad scientist at the helm. More than a sound, more than one night. Summer Channel is an idea; it’s a feeling. Something at once comforting and exotic, it makes the sun shine brighter and the moon glimmer. It is the soundtrack for life’s pleasures, for painting pictures never colored so clear, dreams desired and defiled.

Summer Channel is the way up.

The last few years have been golden for ex-Deepsky partner Jesse Scott (aka: J. Scott G.) Many veteran dance producers fail to seize the opportunity afforded them by trying times to re-think and re-imagine, but Jesse has wisely done just that. Instead of getting caught up in trashy self-doubt and prescription cynicism, he’s drawn from the dark the ingredients for a vast new sonic endeavor.

The latest batch of tunes from the sometime dance floor maestro see an expansive hopefulness infused into the music, a desire to embrace his experience of the world and share that journey. And he’s bringing his friends.

The list of collaborators reads like the VIPs to a fever dream. Norwegian manipulator Boom Jinx splices spice into the mix. Lush orchestrations from progressive maven Marc Mitchell and piano virtuoso Reuel Meditz lend an organic warmth to wide, soulful vocals from David Lynch collaborator Chrysta Bell and dance staple Hadley. Kathy Fisher roars back around for another take at the already classic “A Thousand Miles,” while newcomers Oriel Poole and Alex Demammos rub shoulders with Halou’s Rebecca Coseboom to round out the varied vocal roster. With so many collaborators to wrangle, one might wonder where Jesse finds the time to put it all together – and that question wouldn’t be out of place.

“I’ve been working on these songs since I left Deepsky in 2006,” Jesse says. “It’s all about collaborations with talented people. Yeah it’s taken awhile, but I needed to redefine myself as a person, re-imagine the new sound I wanted to create, and that takes time and a lot of patience. I had to step out of the dance world so I could figure out where my heart was taking me.” His recent move to Santa Barbara, California has facilitated the removal of distractions and allowed him to focus full-time on what really matters most: the music.

Work on the new Summer Channel album “Follow Your Bliss” continues at a breakneck pace, with brief pockets of both jumping around the world and jumping around in the studio. Such a mindful perspective soars through in the ethos, images, and music. So when you wake up the day after your first listen and wonder where your anguish has gone, you’ll have the soundtrack to remind you that some things belong in your rear view mirror, and the sun on your face is the only guarantee you need.


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Nationality: American

Resident in: Santa Barbara, CA