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Marc Mitchell

Marc Mitchell


Marc was born on the small island of Jersey on the 31st October 1970.  after a childhood of obsessive musical interest it was In 1984 at the tender age of 14 he started work at ‘Starmel’ studio in Jersey, along side him was Apple’s first ever computer and Native music software MOTU’s Performer. Inspired by the likes of Trevor Horn, Kraftwerk, Vince Clark, Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, OMD, Jean Michel Jarre and John Foxx, Marc starts to work on his own brand of emotional electronic music.Two years later the opportunity to move to a hotter climate at the age of 16 was taken, and Marc relocated to Marbella, working at Starmel’s second studio in Spain. Returning back to Jersey in 88 Marc was soon head hunted for SPB Studios to work on a project that would expand his knowledge even further. Composing and producing for various projects including a track featured on the cult movie “American Kick boxer 2” at the age 18 he was doing what most could only dream of.

The 1990’s have arrived and Marc is now manager of SoundsWorkshop a local government recording studio for youth culture, as well as recording many projects and bands this is where he makes his first contact with the Local TV companies and starts writing themes and adverts for independent radio and Local TV. After a year he takes up the opportunity of moving to London to study Music Technology and 24 track recording at Kingston University and successfully returns to Jersey were he continued to manage Sounds Workshop until ’94.

Marc then set up his first studio “Islands Pro-audio” plus the dance culture is now rapidly gaining speed and word spreads throughout the island of Jersey about this rare talent, Marc, is then introduced to top house DJ Eric Powell and his highly respected Bush label, who offers Marc an invitation through the doors into the dance industry and as Jersey’s own house scene kicks in to touch Marc finds a queue of eager DJ’s knocking at his studio door. As well as numerous remixes for labels including DMC, Ultimate, Eternal and East 17 under their Eric’s “Part One” production name. These singles mark the start of marc’s 22 year long stream of DJ collaborative releases. This includes,  Sunday Club, Human Movement, Vantage Point, Axis shift, Faith Foundation, Beach Life, Woomara, Aspect of i, Positive light, Ordinary People & Jelle Boufon.

Signing to labels such as Bedrock, Platypus, Sony, Gatecrasher, Renaissance, Ministry of Sound, Virgin, Whoop, Wired, Limbo, Fabric of life, Method, Release, Eagle Rock, Perfecto, Stress, DMC, London, PWL, MFS, Happening, Global Underground, Slate, Field Recordings, Distinctive, Subliminal, Sondos, Racket Records, Drayfus, Cream, Kinetic, Spundae, Global Underground, Interflow, L2 and Release Records….the list goes on, and grows yearly.

Marc’s productions have featured at some point or another on most reputable dance music compilations, from Cream Anthems to Ibiza anthems, with appearances on Gatecrasher, Ministry, Renaissance, Space and Bedrock to name a few. There is not a Progressive, Trance or house DJ out there that hasn’t played one of Marc’s productions at some point in their career. Marc has even ventured in to the prog rock arena were he remixed the whole album of Marillions “Strange Engine” entitled “Tales From The Engine Room” Marc was now crossing the boundaries between prog rock and the eclectic electronic listener. Marc’s achievements are not just confined to the dance floor, he has produced music for TV, radio and more recently online games for the UK national lottery. Marc also produces music for renowned marine camerawoman Sue Daly writing music for 2 series of “wild islands” natural history program as well as many other projects with her.

Club classics such as Shamens ‘Move Any Mountain’ and Sunscreams ‘Perfect Motion’, Brothers in Rhythm “For Ever And A Day”, Nina Simon “Its A New Dawn” to the cult electronic Jean Michael Jarre “Oxygen 8” have all been under the Mitchell remix wand. Remixing and producing top vocalists such as Shapeshifter’s Terra Diva, Auzey vocalist Sophie Moleta, and Jes from Motorcycle. With production collaborators which include Scott Bond, Ian Ossia, Deepsky, Jimmy Van M, Shiloh, Orkadia, all adding the occasional dash of oil to this production machine.

Dj’s such as Sasha, Tiesto , Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, John Digweed, Pete Tong, Dave Seaman, Chris Fortiar, Carl Cox, Jon 00 Flemming, Armin Van Burran, Deep Dish, Ferry Corsten, Scott Bond, Anthony Pappa all have dropped a slice of Mitchell’s production within there sets. Marc’s productions have appeared on Radio 1 dance shows for over 14 years, with productions featured on over 150 global products worldwide.

In 1999 the studio moved to the East Bastion of Fort Regent Jersey, a 17th century fortress. Where Sanctuary Music Technology was born & helped local individuals to recognise there potential. Housing 12 rooms for studio use, band rehearsal, creative graphic, web design, work placements, university placements, club promotion, Dj rehearsal and all things subculture. The Sanctuary became the most popular requested work experience placement ever & Many of the facilities users have gone on to great things in music & media, locally & world wide.

At the start of 2005 satisfied with the sanctuary’s legacy Marc closed the Sanctuary doors to set up his new minimal project studio on the north coast of Jersey…..Via internet audio and video connection Marc works with clients from New Zealand to L.A and from London to Finland….an eccentric recluse who is a obsessive workaholic. In his time he has developed a sound that is always recognised well respected, epic and filled with emotionally charged music.

Currently Marc is working on various TV projects and Films, with new collaborations being made worldwide, it will be only a matter of time before we start to see many more MM productions in the wild.



The artist

Nationality: UK

Resident in: Jersey Island, UK