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John Beaver



Friday night you’re in a club and you find yourself in a room where the energy is low, music is lifeless and so is the D.J. crouched behind his laptop stiffly punching buttons. You notice the crowd is migrating to another room, the big room where John Beaver is spinning. You mosey over and within minutes you find yourself dancing with a stranger you’ve never met. Then you start chanting the words to a song you’ve never heard, and you begin jumping up and down because that’s what the D.J. is doing. No one in the room is standing still, then you kick back for a moment and realize this was THE night out you’ve been dying for and that John gave it all to you! As one of the hardest working, dedicated and inspirational universal talents the D.J. world has ever known, John’s natural gift for mixing custom never-heard DJ sets brimming dance floor anthems, surging with dirty beats and raw mash-ups. All of which have undoubtedly placed him in the limelight of some of the world’s biggest clubs. Yet it’s assuredly the way he plays with astonishing, jaw dropping, flawless performances overflowing with passion and energy that have made him soar above the rest. Above all – he’s about being a great D.J. first and foremost. . . .

John’s voyage to D.J. stardom began in 2004 when he started hanging outside of the infamous West Coast, Coachella Festival passing out his custom mix CD’s to festival-goers. Most people would’ve stopped doing after the first or second year, but not John. On his 10th anniversary, coincidentally happened to be the first year John wasn’t seen standing outside Coachella passing out his mix CD’s because he was inside spinning in The Sahara tent! A lifelong dream that came to him by his emphatic self-determination and refusing to ever give up. In 2013, John’s life was hit with a curve ball when he was diagnosed with cancer and given a 50 percent chance to live through the surgery. The 50 percent became 100 percent and survive he did. This temporary set-back came with a challenging year while he went through recovery and chemotherapy not being able to D.J. doing the one thing in the world he loved most, John’s resilience wouldn’t allow anything to stand in his way. He faced the cancer with the same bravery and fearlessness that he used when spinning his first big room.

A survivor with a tenacious spirit that will never be broken, John came back with a vengeance in 2014 and a new pair of wings. Since propelling back into D.J. limelight, he’s maintaining the rock star life. By day, he’s a zookeeper in his hometown of San Jose, California and D.J. by night. This summer he is punching on the festival circuit sharing the stage with EDM heavyweights such as Dash Berlin. The Chainsmokers, Above & Beyond, Kaskade and MORE! When John isn’t in the studio creating mash-ups, remixes, original productions or creating new mix compilations, he’s likely running the monthly Libra Rising podcast, prepping for his next D.J. set, or spending his lunch break responding to hundreds of daily fan messages in his inbox. This is just the kind of guy John Beaver is, and will always be. . .