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20 “Rules” To Help You Live A Better Life

20 “Rules” To Help You Live A Better Life

I wrote these “rules” a few years ago, which were inspired by many of my life experiences, failures, successes, and simple things that got me through my days. I hope they inspire you all as well.

1. Be yourself, always. Even when you think you’re being judged by others.
2. Judge no one. You can never really know for certain what a person has been through.
3. Respect other people’s space. This includes their personal space, property and so on.
4. When you help others, you also help yourself. That being said, don’t enable people’s bad habits.
5. Follow your dreams with wild abandon. Doing what you don’t love, sucks.
6. Always trust your first instinct. (Not to be confused with your first emotional response).
7. Learn to enjoy being alone. It’s the only way you’ll ever face your demons.
8. Be grateful for everything you have. You never know when you might lose it all.
9. Don’t be wasteful..
10. Smile. A lot. It’s a powerful tool.
11. Negativity only breeds more negativity.
12. Get regular exercise.
13. Laugh as often as possible.
14. Stay informed. The world needs less naivety.
15. Never stop learning… and read more books.
16. Travel. Seeing how other people live can be eye opening, and can only lead to greater empathy.
17. Make wherever you live a beautiful space. After all, you’re gonna spend a lot of your time there.
18. Drink more water.
19. Replace bad habits with good habits.
20. Find the divine in everything. It’s out there, if you look for it.

– J. Scott G. / Summer Channel

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