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Now Offering Private Audio Production Lessons

Now Offering Private Audio Production Lessons

Looking to up your music production game? If you live in the Portland Metro area, or anywhere with an internet connection (Skype) then you might wanna check this out!

Jesse Scott (aka: J. Scott G / Summer Channel / formerly of Deepsky) is a twenty-one year veteran music producer/sound designer/composer who has released countless original albums and singles, and has done official major label remixes for A-list talent such as Madonna, Seal, David Bowie, Adam Lambert, Deadmau5, Shiny Toy Guns, Celldweller, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Cash, and Frank Sinatra (just to name a few). He’s written music that has appeared in major motion pictures such as Bad Boys II, Tomb Raider, and The Art Of War; television shows like CSI, Arrow, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and numerous video games. He’s also an accomplished author/teacher on

See Jesse’s professional resume on Linkedin.

After two decades of creating *literally* hundreds of tunes for the dance floor, Jesse has moved on to other areas of electronic music production, and now spends most of his time doing sound design and making music for film and TV. He’s now offering private lessons in the Portland Metro area (and even over Skype if you live elsewhere) to a limited number of students in 2017. No matter what style of electronic music you’re into or the level you’re currently at, if you want to take your productions even further, then this might be for you.

Subjects Include:

DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools)

Sound Design

Synthesis (Basic/Advanced)

Sampling Techniques

Programming & Arrangement

Creative Use Of Effects

Drum Programming

Vocal Production

Recording Real Instruments (Mic Techniques)

MIDI & Other Protocols

Mixing (EQ, Compression, Gain Staging, Etc.)


DJing w/Ableton Live

One 90 minute session for $100 or a one month package deal of 4 sessions for $300. (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE!)


  • Tell us what DAW (digital audio workstation) you currently use.
  • Give a brief description of where you're currently at with your production knowledge and what you struggle with.
  • Tell us what you'd like to get better at. (Shift click to select multiple answers).
  • What date would you be available to start lessons?

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