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Libra Rising Monthly Sound Design Workshops

Libra Rising Monthly Sound Design Workshops

We just started a monthly sound design workshop, which we’ll be doing on the 1st Sunday of every month. We will be talking about electronic music sound design concepts (synthesis, sampling techniques, creative use of effects, etc.) as well as any tips or tricks that anyone wants to share which go beyond sound design alone.

We don’t really have any particular structure or syllabus we’ll be following, but please bring any songs or ideas you’re working on, or sessions in Ableton/Logic/ProTools that you’d like to talk about. Also if you’d like to share tips and tricks, please come prepared!


If you are in the Portland Metro area, please send an email to to check about available slots. If you are remote, you can join us by Zoom Chat by registering at the following link:

9 November 2019 Announcements